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Portsmouth is one of three communities on Aquidneck Island. This fast growing town has a highly skilled, highly educated population of 17,149 (2000), 74% of whom live in single family houses. Surrounded on three sides by water, temperatures are moderated year round by ocean breezes and the 132 sq. mi. Narragansett Bay.

Established in 1638 by Anne Hutchinson, Portsmouth is the first town in the nation established by a woman, and, according to many, was the first true democracy in America. The Portsmouth Compact of 1638 is the first authentic guarantee of civil and religious freedom in the new world.

The public school system is one of the best in the State. If you prefer a private education for your child, the Portsmouth Abbey, St. Philomena's, and the Pennfield School provide excellent alternatives.

Our fiscal year 2007 tax rate is $11.38 per $1,000 of full assessed value for all types of property. Revaluation was completed in 2004. We do not tax business at a higher rate. Our Enterprise Zone Program provides terrific tax benefits for businesses building new, renovation or expansion.

Major industries on Aquidneck Island include: Oceanography, underwater systems development, navigational equipment, advanced thermoplastic composites, programmers, small boat, sailboat, luxury yacht and ship building, marinas, tourism, printing, awards, and 4,000 acres of farms. A wide variety of skills exists in Portsmouth and adjacent towns. An impressive community of management, engineers and scientists has grown around Naval Undersea Warfare Center and Raytheon, including many small consulting firms. 70% of Rhode Island's software industry is on Aquidneck Island. While Portsmouth tends to be home to the more highly skilled, a substantial population with a full range of skills lives within a 10 mile radius.

Many people say Portsmouth is one of the most beautiful towns in New England. Wherever you do not see the Bay (we have 56 miles of shoreline), chances are you overlook a farm or pasture. The town has one of the most progressive farm preservation programs in New England. Isn’t this the kind of place where you would like to live and work?

In a competitive world which demands excellence in its workforce, in its quality of life, in its educational system for our young, and in its ability to be at the forefront of technological change, Portsmouth shines.

Portsmouth is easy to get to by land, sea or air, and is just a stone’s throw from all the major business centers, activities and attractions in New England. Winter skiing is just two hours to the north, Cape Cod an hour east, historic Newport a few minutes south, beaches and sailing in our back yard. At which of our 5 marinas would you like to moor your yacht? (Perhaps you would prefer to use our Town boat launch, or use one of the over 1,000 private moorings.)

Portsmouth is centrally located on the eastern seaboard between the major metropolitan areas of New York and Boston. 1.3 million people live within 25 miles; 3.3 million within 50 miles. More than 65% of New England’s population lives within a 75 mile radius. 80 million people with a combined income of $1.6 trillion live within a 500 mile radius

Eat at Fieldstones Grille before visiting one of these wonderful locations on beautiful Aquidneck Island. Glen Farm, Glen Farm Polo, Glen Manor House, Melville Ponds Campground, Newport County The Brown House.

Article from the Town of Portsmouth Website.
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